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After 30 years avoiding flying, anxiety for weeks in advance of flight and then medicating myself while flying, I started working with Nathan the last 6 months and I have experienced an overall reduction in reactivity AND, I have flown twice this fall without any medication and WAY less pre-flight anxiety.

I have gone to numerous fear of flying therapists over my adult life, and went to one this year too, but it was only when I added the zen shiatsu massage with Nathan that I have made any noticable progress. I'm convinced it was a key factor to my recent success.


Nathan was an exceptional therapist- with a great listening to my body and my readiness to be open to the treatment. I felt layers of holding melt away. It was a deeply moving and freeing experience. Thank you again for your gentle care Nathan...

-Hugh C.

As a young woman who has suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries from a car accident, finding relief from the chronic​ effects is monumental. I have suffered from tension and cramping literally from head to toe, with constant contractions in my calf, feet, toes, and migraines.


Following a treatment I feel great, but what's more important is the lasting relief I'm noticing. I am able to sleep deeper, move more fluidly, and feel peace in my mind and body overall, a peace I never thought I'd gain again after the trauma. 

Nate tracks progress, notices the changes, and helps me to notice them and feel them, too. His work is his passion -- my relief and peace mean as much to him as to me -- he is a true healer.


My first treatment with Nathan Torrence was wonderful!  Nathan is extremely skilled and knowledgeable.  He identified causes for my complaints and treated them compassionately and effectively.  More profoundly, though, he demonstrated a great intuition for the connectedness of the body and its systems.  The treatment was immediately relaxing and effectively reduced my pain, but continued to change and improve even after several days.  Unfortunately, I was just visiting from Toronto so I am unlikely to see Nathan again for at least a few months, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience his Zen Shiatsu massage.  I look forward to the next visit.


-Dr. Christina McRae

I'm pregnant and was having trouble sleeping on a nightly basis. I would toss and turn all night and, most nights, would find myself awake in the middle of the night, not able to fall back asleep. I had one hour-long treatment with Nate, and I slept so well that night. It's been two weeks since my treatment, and I've only had one or two nights that have been problematic (although not nearly as bad as they were pre-treatment). Nate really took the time to ask me questions to assess what was going on. He has a very calming presence and made me feel comfortable throughout the treatment. I'm really thankful to have seen him!​


Regular sessions with Nathan have led to major healing breakthroughs in my body and spirit! I’ve quickly recovered from injuries including torn rotator cuff, bruised ribs and whiplash. My seasonal allergies and appetite issues have resolved. I bounce back from athletic endeavors in half the time it used to take. My seasonal depression is much more manageable. I have stepped into a sense of confidence; and I find myself taking on new challenges that used to feel insurmountable. Shiatsu can help!!!


I wasn’t too familiar with the healing art of Zen Shiatsu until I attended an event with Nathan in November of 2015, where he offered introductory sessions to highlight his talents and also his new business venture. It only took a few seconds to realize that I was in the arms of not only a healer, but a gentle and powerful one with a gift for working with human beings in a way that facilitates not only healing of the body, but also the human spirit. Nathan is, above anything else, a very easy person to be with who brings an eclectic combination of ancient techniques with modern application.


As an athlete and yogi, I often say that his work is like having yoga “done to me,” as opposed to working to find my own emotional and physical balance. I booked several recurrent sessions with Nathan because of the value he provides and will keep him in my toolbox of healers, energy workers, and holistic practitioners who I have come to rely on more and more as I move away from Western medicine except in cases of dire emergency.


It seems like nowadays there are lots of healers and energy workers, all well meaning, that lack the rigorous education necessary to work with both the physical and energetic bodies of human beings. Nathan has the training, the schooling, but more than anything, the being, necessary to walk the path he has been obviously chosen for. I recommend his services to anyone.

-Dave Kehnast, surfer, yogi, cyclist, life coach, overall lover of the human experience

Nate is a highly skilled, educated and gifted practitioner. I love his treatment style, and always feel that his work addresses me and my issues on many different levels. I have had several treatments from Nate, and always look forward to the next. I highly recommend him.

-Ryan Lee

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