My Life and my Healing Vocation

I grew up in a family of healers and artists. Nearly all of them are physicians or psychotherapists by vocation, and artists at an amateur level. I have followed in these footsteps, though pursuing asian medicine as opposed to western medicine. Shiatsu for me is the pinnacle of healing and creativity. It is a blending ground for my desire to be sensitive, skilled, and useful to humanity. 

In order to do Shiatsu, an unending process of self development is necessary. I was unaware of this as I entered the field; however the self-development has become one of the most gratifying aspects of my work. In helping my clients meet their own challenges, I have  become clearer, more skilled with my hands, and more generous of heart.

Gratitude for Teachers and Family

I am forever grateful to my teachers of Shiatsu, most notably Grandmother WinterJade Forest (formerly known as Lindy Ferrigno). 


I am also forever grateful to these three great innovators and teachers of Shiatsu: Shizuto Masunaga, Akinobu Kishi, and Pauline Sasaki. These three are deceased, and though I never got to meet them in the flesh, their impact on my teachers was so strong that the feeling and sense of them is still remarkably tangible.


And, I am forever grateful to my family, who set examples as good human beings, and who showed me that it is your humanity that helps you do medicine.

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Treatment locations:

Zen Shiatsu Chicago

825A Chicago Ave

Evanston, IL

Heartwood Center

1818 W. Dempster

Evanston, IL