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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shiatsu like Reiki?

Reiki and shiatsu have as many similarities as they have differences. They both work with energy. My style of shiatsu involves a much more physical touch than reiki. My clients have reported that they get the satisfying physical touch of massage with the energetic sensitivity and benefits of reiki.

Is Shiatsu like massage?

This really depends on the Shiatsu practitioner as some work more or less physically than others. My work is more physical than many shiatsu therapists practicing in American and Europe and I have found that people who are accustomed to massage generally really like my treatments. 

How many sessions will it take to fix my problem?

This depends on so many things! But generally speaking, the longer you have had the problem, the more sessions it will take. The body needs time to adapt to change. Real healing is not "take a pill and you're done." 

Other factors to take into account are your lifestyle: level of stress, diet, exercise; positive factors such as supportive relationships, activities or hobbies that refresh you; and practices such as yoga, pilates, meditation, or dance that increase your body awareness and engage you in your own self-healing. 

Generally, by the first treatment, you and I both will have a good idea of what Shiatsu is doing for you!

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