Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shiatsu like Reiki?


Shiatsu and Reiki may at times look similar from the outside. But perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the depth of training involved.

After only two weekends of training, Reiki practitioners are entitled to the credential "Reiki Master." By comparison, Shiatsu trainings are much longer and more thorough, ranging from 300 to 700 hours. Shiatsu trainings often include in-depth study of western anatomy and pathology in addition to training in asian medicine. I personally have five years of training, including my initial 715 hour licensing training and four years of tutelage and more in-depth study.

This is not to say that Reiki is not a wonderful and valid practice. It is, and it helps many, many people. However, some people try Reiki and it doesn't do much for them. If this has been your experience, Shiatsu is still definitely worth a try!!!

Is Shiatsu like massage?

This really depends on the Shiatsu practitioner. In my practice, I have found that people who are accustomed to massage generally really like my treatments. I believe this is because my treatments are much more physically engaging than the treatments of many other Shiatsu practitioners who use primarily very light pressure. 

The problem with thinking that Shiatsu is massage lies in the mainstream perception that massage is simply a luxury, or just for relaxation. But many massage therapists, like Shiatsu practitioners, are real healers. We have a LOT to offer you, so give us a chance!

How many sessions will it take to fix my problem?

This depends on so many things! But generally speaking, the longer you have had the problem, the more sessions it will take. The body needs time to adapt to change. Real healing is not "take a pill and you're done." 

Other factors to take into account are your lifestyle: level of stress, diet, exercise; positive factors such as supportive relationships, activities or hobbies that refresh you; and practices such as yoga, pilates, meditation, or dance that increase your body awareness and engage you in your own self-healing. 

Generally, by the first treatment, you and I both will have a good idea of what Shiatsu is doing for you!