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The Healing Partnership

Your body is constantly healing and renewing itself. Did you know that every cell in your body regenerates every seven years? When you get a minor cut, bruise, or even a fracture, you heal without even thinking about it. All you need to do is provide the right conditions: keep the wound clean, get plenty of rest for a fracture or cold, and in due time, you are healed. 

So why are we sometimes faced with problems that don't heal? It's not that our bodies can't do it, it's that our bodies need to be given a chance. 

Sometimes the problem is too severe, or we are too overwhelmed. The body has priorities, and it will do its very best to follow your priorities (showing up to work every day, caring for your family, etc.) Life doesn't always make it easy to create conditions for healing. That is where I come in.

A Shiatsu treatment is a highly specialized place for your body to be given its chance to do what it so badly wants to do -- heal! Your body has been doing a great job keeping up with the demands of your life. Deep in there, somewhere, it is holding on tight to the problem that it needs to heal, just waiting for the opportunity to do it. With your body's wisdom as my guide, I will find that place and give it the attention and care it needs. 

 The purpose of healing is not only to eliminate problems, but also to enrich your life. I have found that my clients not only get relief from their symptoms, but they get to know themselves better. In many instances they become more resilient, more present with themselves and others, and (I daresay) happier. 

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