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Shiatsu Tx Evanston

Cherry Blossom Shiatsu's unique type of touch catalyzes the health-promoting mechanisms in the body and psyche.

Shiatsu is derived from Japanese Anma touch therapy and Classical Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu translates literally to "finger pressure."

Shiatsu's scope of benefits includes:

  • a deep restorative response in the nervous system, benefiting sleep, digestion, and the internal organs

  • relief from pain

  • greater ease of movement

  • improved range of motion

  • improved healing from injury

  • resolution of "stuck" emotions and feelings

  • relief from phobias, anxieties, fears

  • recovery from physical & emotional trauma, recent or past

  • a sense of wellness and feeling "gathered and grounded"

Treating Shao Yin, the connective tissue compartment which contains and supports the heart and kidneys, running from the posterior thorax and abdomen into the posterior arms and legs. Treatment of the three compartments of the body provides a way to to support "rest-and-digest" functioning in specific realms, where they are most needed at a given time.

Shiatsu Tx Evanston

What to expect from a Shiatsu Session

  • Bring soft, comfortable clothing. If you come without them, we also have clothes here to use.

  • Sessions take place on a comfortable massage table

  • Be prepared to fill out a short intake and briefly discuss what you'd like help with.

  • In most cases, 1-3 treatments is enough to provide meaningful, significant results.

Sessions are tailored to fit your needs - They can be as specific or as generally aimed as you like. As always, they support general wellness. Treatment plans are available for relief from chronic or acute health concerns. Sessions can also be oriented towards personal development and/or emotional support.

Is Shiatsu safe? Shiatsu is non-invasive and gentle. My training and experience includes appropriate treatment of joints, sensitivity to physical and emotional trauma. It is my lifelong mission to improve upon my integrity of practice. My orientation is not to forcefully manipulate change, but, guided by empathy and knowledge, provide a supportive space for healing to occur. I have found that this orientation is not only safer and gentler, but that it also produces more lasting change in a shorter span of time.

Training and Accreditation I am a member of the AOBTA - American Organization of  Bodywork Therapies of Asia - and a certified Asian Bodywork Therapist. I have fulfilled and exceeded all requirements for practice dictated by Illinois State Law.

Contact Nathan at 773-998-2665 /

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