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In our modern times, surgery and medication are widely recognized as the height of medicine.


But in ancient Asia, this was not so. Even though acupuncture and herbs, the strongest interventions, were already sophisticated and effective for treating very sick people, one's way of life was still respected as the highest form of medicine.

This holistic view includes:

  • Exercise, diet, and meditation

  • Regularity in sleep and mealtimes

  • Balance in work/rest with plenty of quiet time and leisure

  • Healthy relationships and spirituality

All together, these things not only prevent disease, they are essential in treating even the most severe illness. These personal measures of wellness are totally accessible and free. They bring us health, happiness, and meaning whether we are totally healthy or facing illness. 

Depiction of a Qigong exercise for treating abdominal distention

Depictions of Qigong (translated as "movement-work"), an ancient Chinese form of exercise that is still widely practiced today. Qigong uses breath and movement to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.


Qigong is low exertion, yet promotes incredible strength and longevity. Click here to see how fit Chinese people are even in their old age!!! What I love about this clip is it shows how much fun they are having. It's not a chore!!!

While Qigong is a terrific form of exercise, anything that you like to do to stay active is also great! Gardening, dance, walking, running, lifting, you name it!

Many acupuncturists and bodyworkers will strongly urge you to make changes in diet and lifestyle, even going so far as making it a requirement. I understand that changes in way of life can be challenging and take time. I will always offer recommendations in diet and exercise when my clients ask. Using Shiatsu, I will also work with you on spiritual matters such as relationships, work/rest balance, etc. If I feel strongly that a certain lifestyle change would be beneficial to you, I make my recommendations compassionately, and if you desire, I will work with you to help you make these changes over time. 

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