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Thai Herbal Compress
Herbal Compress
Herbal Compress

Luk Pa Krob, or Herbal Compress, is an effective and heavenly modality dating back nearly 5,000 years in Thailand. In its long and rich history it has been used in many settings as drastically different as small rural villages and royal palaces.

Various recipes of aromatic and medicinal herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and prai are wrapped in a muslin cloth, steamed, and then applied to the body - traditionally through a single layer of clothing but sometimes also to bare skin.


Herbal compress is the best of several worlds - aromatherapy, massage, herbal medicine, and heat therapy. Herbal compress is highly beneficial for softening muscular and fascial tension, improving circulation and releiving stress. 

Herbal compress is offered as an addition to Shiatsu treatments at Thai Blossom.

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