Shiatsu's unique medicinal power is that it puts you deeply in touch with yourself...

This is a Healing in and of itself.

But it is also the very thing that makes Shiatsu effective for treating your complaints.

For when we are at home in mind, body, and spirit, our healing potential is maximized

Shiatsu's scope of benefits includes:



  • Mobility

  • Postural Alignment

  • Comfort



  • Sleep

  • Digestion

  • Resistance to stress



  • Ability to get through difficult feelings

  • Concentration and clarity

  • Relief from anxiety and depression

Shiatsu works not only with the muscles, but also the joints and all of the body tissues, including fascia (connective tissue), arteries and veins, nerves, internal organs. The meridians, which connect the points you see on an acupuncturist's chart, are what make all of these body tissues accessible for treatment in a Shiatsu session.

A Shiatsu treatment is about you, not about your symptoms or your problems. ​I work with you, as a whole person, in a healing partnership. 

Shiatsu works with the same system of meridians and points used by acupuncturists to restore flow in the body.

This means flow of blood and lymph, flow of nervous system impulses, flow of emotions, and flow of physical movement.

Restored flow means we are back in our natural state, where healing is made possible.  

A typical Shiatsu session will also include mobilization of all of the joints, especially the hips, shoulders, and spine. 

Free space in the joints means better ease of movement, but it also means improved flow of vital body fluids, and emotional and mental ease. 

Sessions are tailored to you. I will focus on the local and surrounding joints at your area of complaint. So, for a knee problem, I will also focus on your hip, ankle, and foot.

Sound body, sound mind. We all know it to be true.


Asian Medicine puts the function of sleep and emotions with the heart.

If your treatment goals include sleep and emotions, your session may include softening and expansion of the ribcage, literally making space for the heart and putting you at ease and back in your natural state. 

What is a session like?

Treatments are tailored to YOU.

At your first session, you fill out a short intake form with your basic information, reasons for seeking treatment, and necessary medical history.

Before beginning treatment, a short verbal intake gives me a sense of your treatment goals and how I can best help you. I give full attention to what you tell me and what your body tells me.


I am always listening and gathering information. I put all of that together with my knowledge of anatomy and asian medicine to form your treatment.


Guided by your body and my professional experience, the treatment unfolds from moment to moment.

The treatment itself

No oils or lotions are used, you stay fully dressed in comfortable clothes for the duration of the session. 

Treatments are full body - if you have a shoulder problem, I will treat both shoulders, and also the hips and spine, as they work closely together with the shoulders.

Also, the meridians that run through the shoulder also run through the neck, arms, and legs. This means Shiatsu treats your shoulder from literally anywhere in the body.

Results and treatment planning

For most people with most conditions, one treatment will be enough to feel some relief and results.

Shiatsu is suitable both for one time visits for general relaxation, like in traditional massage, and for treatment planning, like in physical therapy and acupuncture. 

Some issues are acute and mild enough that 1-3 treatments may provide all the relief you are looking for.

Chronic issues and issues that have been resistant to other forms of treatment will (with rare exceptions), require a consistent and regular series of treatments to get substantial and lasting benefit. 


During intake, I will tell you how many treatments and how often will be necessary to meet your goals based on what you tell me and my past professional experience. After the session, we will both have a stronger impression of how Shiatsu can help you and we can put a treatment plan together that works within you budget and schedule. 


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